Public Review and Comment Opportunity

Draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
Fiscal Years 2017-2021

The TIP will be adopted by the MPO Governing Board at their meeting of June 16, 2016, after a presentation of the Draft TIP at their meeting of May 19, 2016.  The public is invited to review the most recent draft document and offer comments prior to its adoption.



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MPO Partnered with the DDA for Popular SunFest Bike Valet

Hundreds saved money, helped the environment and beat the SunFest traffic by using the FREE bike valet service. Thank you to the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA) for allowing the MPO to partner for the 2nd year to promote and bike safety. See you next year!


Do successful streets mean more than just vehicles moving fast?

Share your photos and sentiments on social media to encourage the USDOT to measure commuters who walk, take transit, ride a bike or share a ride.

The US Dept. of Transportation (USDOT) is currently considering a new rule for measuring how well streets work and what constitutes "success."  Use Twitter or Facebook to let @USDOT know if it is important to you to include measures of success such as safety, health or economic growth in addition to moving cars fast. 

If you walk, take transit or share a ride for your commute, snap a photo during your trip and share it.  Use @USDOT and the hashtag #MakeMeCount.  Click the Transportation for America website for more information on sending a message to USDOT through social media or a Transportation for America petition.

#MakeMeCount   @USDOT


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