Transportation Planning for the Palm Beaches

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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Currently adopted 5-Year Strategic Plan:

Palm Beach MPO 5-Year Strategic Plan (adopted July 2016)

The Palm Beach MPO has established this 5-Year Strategic Plan as a measurable guide toward achieving its long-term mission and vision. The vision of a safe, efficient, and connected multimodal transportation system inspires the MPO's mission to collaboratively plan, prioritize, and fund the transportation system. The 5-Year Strategic Plan defines specific, incremental steps (strategies) that will be initiated, monitored for timely progress, and annually reported to the MPO Governing Board and the public.

Several benefits are derived from developing and implementing the Strategic Plan. Governing Board priorities are clearly communicated for the MPO Executive Director and staff to follow. Metrics are established for measuring progress on each priority and adjusting actions to achieve the strategic objectives, efficiently and cost-effectively. Transparency and accountability are provided to the public, the partnering organizations, and the member agencies of the MPO.


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