Transportation Planning for the Palm Beaches

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Palm Beach MPO

Palm Beach MPO


Who is the Palm Beach MPO?

The Palm Beach MPO consists of the following Boards and Committees:

What does the Palm Beach MPO do?

The Palm Beach MPO plans, prioritizes and funds transportation projects and programs. Every five years, the MPO updates a  Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) that forecasts transportation demands and identifies cost-feasible projects for the next 25 years. The MPO then annually adopts a 5-year funding program that allocates federal and state transportation dollars to the projects in the LRTP that are most important to the MPO.

The MPO is responsible for transportation planning in Palm Beach County, Florida. Each urban area in the United States is part of MPO which acts as a liaison between local communities, their citizens, and the state and federal departments of transportation (DOTs). MPOs currently operate under the FAST Act (Fixing America's Surface Transportation).

Below is a list of the goals which guide the MPOs' efforts:

  1. Provide an efficient and reliable vehicular transportation system
  2. Prioritize an efficient and interconnected mass transit system
  3. Prioritize a safe and convenient non-motorized transportation network
  4. Maximize the efficient movement of freight through the region
  5. Preserve and enhance social and environmental resources

Long Range Transportation Plan 

Transportation Improvement Program

Five-Year Strategic Plan

Click to review the Interlocal Agreement entered into on October 9, 2015 for creation of the Palm Beach MPO.

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