Transportation Planning for the Palm Beaches

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Transportation Alternatives Program

Transportation Alternatives Program

Program Overview

The federal Transportation Alternatives Program is an annual competetive application process where projects are submitted to the MPO and then ranked and prioritized for funding.  Funded projects enter into a grant reimbursement agreement with the Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT).

  • Approximately $3M has been allocated annually in recent years to fund Transportation Alternatives (TA) projects in Palm Beach County
  • Projects selected for funding by the MPO will be constructed in FY 21    



Eligible applicants:

  • Municipal, county, state, federal agencies and tribal councils.
  • Safe Routes to School project applicants include public schools or school districts, private schools, health departments, colleges and universities.


Eligible TAP Funding Activities:

  • Construction of on-road and off-road trail facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized forms of transportation
  • Construction of infrastructure-related projects and systems that will provide safe routes for non-drivers
  • Conversion and use of abandoned railroad corridors for trails
  • Safe Routes to School non-infrastructure-related activities to encourage walking and bicycling to school. Note, Florida’s Safe Routes to School Non-Infrastructure application must accompany this application to be considered for funding.

Application Guidelines

  • The total construction amount of Transportation Alternative Program funds requested per projects (infrastructure) must be in excess of $250,000 with a maximum project amount of $1,000,000
    • Transportation Alternative Program funds will be used to fund Construction and FDOT in-house support activities.
    • Local Funds (LF) will be used for all non-participating items, contingency activities, Construction Engineering and Inspection Activities (CEI), and any costs in excess of the awarded funding (TAP) allocation.
  • Applications must be submitted online via the MPO website.
  • Applications must include all required documents.
  • Applications will be scored and ranked via the MPO Board approved scoring system.
  • The MPO Board makes the final determination regarding inclusion of an application on the MPO Priority Projects List and may waive any of the above requirements.

Click here to view the Project Schedule

Click here to view the Transportation Alternatives Scoring System

Click here to learn how to submit a TA Program Application

Project Schedule Next Steps

May 26, 2017FDOT D4 returns Eligibility Determinations. MPO shares eligibility issues with applicants and creates draft priority ranking for eligible projects.

May 30 - June 16, 2017 - Applicants to Resolve Outstanding Eligibility Issues.

July 12-13, 2017 - Priority List to Committees: Committees will be given an opportunity to review draft priority ranking and provide input for MPO Board consideration.

July 20, 2017 - MPO Board Final Ranking.

August 1, 2017 - Submit Project Priorities to FDOT. The MPO submits an adopted list of finalized priority projects to the FDOT D4 Program Management Office and notifies sponsors of final priority rankings.


Thank you to those who submitted applications!


Previously Funded Projects (prior to 2016)

Click here for a summary of projects that have previously received funding allocations through the Transportation Alternatives (TA) or Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs.

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